Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tuesday dilemmas

1) A rejected the Big Boy Bed in no uncertain terms. Even though it's a toddler bed, so we used the same mattress, sheets, blankets, stuffed friends etc. that he had in the crib. Even though he spent the afternoon bouncing on it, crawling on it, showing D how he could climb up. Even though he said he'd sleep there. Even though we did the exact same routine bedtime that we've done since he was born: bath, stories, prayers, lullaby. When we went to tuck him in, he climbed right back out and said "Me no sleep Big Boy Bed. Sleep me crib." And he hasn't tried to climb out at all. Although the Big Boy Bed frame is still in the corner of his room. I'm sure he'll tell us when he's ready.

2) I'm finally on the last of the hundreds of Swiffer WetJet supplies (pads, cleaner) I bought last December when we realized how dirty the previous owners left the house. The problem ended up being so bad that Swiffer couldn't handle it and it was only after months of careful hand cleaning, mopping, etc. with real mops and cleansers that our wonderful house cleaner was able to finally get our 3000 sq ft of beautiful pine floors clean. But now I'm back to cleaning myself, which means that I use a vacuum/Swiffer combo most of the time and save the heavy artillery for once-a-month in depth cleaning. (NOTE TO PREVIOUS OWNERS: That is how you keep your floors clean!) So. My dilemma? I really don't think Swiffers work that well on wood floors, not to mention ancient linoleum kitchen floors. But the real mop/bucket thing is so time consuming and a lot of my time is already consumed. Do I stick with the routine and restock my Swiffer stuff? Does anyone have a better solution? Helloooooo out there....

3) The nightly homework thing is kicking my ass. I didn't realize that in first grade they'd have nightly homework (usually a reading, writing and math sheet). I think it's great from an academic POV, but from a mom POV, it is HARD. Most likely this is a temporary gripe and we'll get used to the routine and I'll think of things for A to do that don't involve watching TV while I'm helping D with her work. And I'm still trying to get in a half-hour of reading with each of them before bedtime. If only they read the same books! But A is into Richard Scarry and Russell the Sheep and D is reading Roald Dahl and Ivy & Bean. I'm thinking of moving D's bedtime from 7:30 to 8, but that means she's getting less than 11 hours of sleep.... and she's a kid who really needs her sleep.

4) If the govt. was really interested in economic stimulus, they'd send another round of checks to all the SAHMs out there. I think we bought a bunch of saws or drills with the last one and the rest got saved. I've got some better ideas...

OK. Time to get to the grocery.

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suburban prep said...

My sister bought two big boy beds at the same time. One for her three yr old and the other for her two yr old. the three year old is just so excited to show everyone his big boy bed and how he sleeps in it. The two yr old wants nothing to do with it and prefers sleepin in his crib. Go figure. Like you said he'll decide when he wants to change.