Monday, September 08, 2008

The great cat round-up

Update: After sending the two we trapped yesterday to Animal Control and having to listen to Cat Lady's hysterics (not to mention her friend, the Earnest Animal Activist (EAA)) all day, we finally came to an arrangement: they have 10 days from today to round up the strays and take them to whatever shelter or home they can find. (Most likely they'll end up in EAA's "garage" where there are reportedly at least 12 strays living right now.) Anyway, as long as they are off our property. After 10 days, if we still see signs that cats are using our yard as a litter box and/or hairballs on the furniture, then we will immediately resume trapping. Cat Lady started to complain, "What if you trap some of my cats?" To which I replied, "We won't be trapping the ones you feed if you do as you say and get them to shelters." I could tell she didn't like it, but we can't think of another way to get her to stop feeding the strays. OF COURSE when we suggested not feeding them, or adopting them properly and keeping them inside she had a whole list of reasons why that just wasn't possible. Excuses, excuses. Not once were they even willing to listen to how horrible it was for us to smell cat urine every time we walked outside. Or how the backyard is covered in poop. Or how we can't get furniture for the porch because the cats will destroy it. I can't tell you how utterly disgusted I am with the situation. And, in case you don't know me, I LOVE animals. Our whole family does. And I'm sickened by the irresponsibility of others that has forced us to take such drastic action and alienate our neighbors. I'm even more sickened by Cat Lady & EAA's attitude that, somehow, the cats have more rights than we, the property-tax paying homeowners, do.

But, I want this for our front porch and it's not going to happen as long as the cats are around:

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