Friday, September 12, 2008

Call to arms

Well, it looks like not everyone used yesterday as a day of peaceful reflection and remembrance.

One of our neighbors told us this morning that yesterday the E.A.A. circulated a nasty, untruthful, catty (haha!) email to the neighborhood association members about us "trapping our neighbor's pet cats!" Totally made us out to be the bad guys. Practically made it sound as if we went onto her property with a net.

Well. You really have to work to get me angry, because it's just not one of my go-to emotions. But, this..person... who accosted my husband, yelled at him, lied to him, gave a false name to the Animal Control Officer (because she herself harbors several feral cats), lied about where she works, and then DARES to accuse us unjustly in a public forum. Well, my first rebuttal email was not worthy of my education or upbringing. Instead M & I will bring our full intellectual powers to bear on the matter and craft an exquisite, pointed rejoiner informing one and all of our stance, reminding everyone of the law in our area (hubby is not an attorney for nothing!) and challenging others who are also disgusted by the cat problem here to rise up and do something about it. I am not afraid to use my real name (except on this blog).

I gather all peaceful solutions to the problem are not going to work. May I remind the EAA, my neighbor and all their feral-cat-loving friends, that we have twice talked the county out of fining her cat-feeding ass and that we have talked and talked and talked about this problem with them and NO ONE has done anything about it. Except us.

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Debbie said...

I've been very curious as to how exactly you are trapping the cats. Is Fizzy no help at all? I will have to find out the details on Sunday.