Sunday, September 07, 2008

Cat people

After nine months of trying to work it out with the Cat Lady next door, we finally put her on warning last month that we were going to start trapping any cats that came into our yard. We got our first two this morning! Woohah! So, she may finally have got the message that we are going to call her bluff and that she better do something about them. Meanwhile, we have high hopes that our yard will no longer be used as a litter box, that we won't find hairballs all over the porch furniture and that they'll stop spraying our landscaping. But at the very least the litter box and hairball thing. We've been reluctant to invest in porch furniture that is going to be crapped on by 15 feral cats.

The nice animal control officer who came to get the beasts (over her tears and complaints, of course) was extremely upset with her, explained the county ordinance, etc. We talked him out of fining her (not that she thanked us) but hopefully she'll take heed from now on. Or not. She's a nutter for sure.

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