Friday, May 16, 2008

So much for all that

Well, so much for Going Green. It's back to typical Florida weather - in the high 80s/low 90s and about 354% humidity this morning. Needless to say we put the air back on. And of course one of our ancient, Jurassic-era a/c units failed to come on. The downstairs one this time. At least the warranty company had someone out here within two hours to fix it. So we're nice and cool again and my electricity bill will go back to being scary.

And speaking of scary, I just got a call from my doctor's office and hey ho! guess what? After 41-1/2 years of absolutely uneventful check-ups, including having two kids at an "advanced maternal age," they found something weird with my thyroid! I have nodules. As A would say, "Wha' dat?" I will have to wait in suspense to find out next week because they want me to go for some more testing, if I can coordinate it with finding someone to watch A, swim lessons, D's kindergarten graduation, her last Daisy meeting of the year and my chair meeting with the Jr. League president. Did I mention that A has croup and has been up practically all night for the last two nights? And so have I? Good times people, good times.

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Anonymous said...

Thinking about you TT! Keep me in the loop. Love, Bunky