Tuesday, May 20, 2008

All things Kindergarten

Jeezlouise. For the amount of hoop-da-lah, fanfare, etc. going on at school this week you'd think they were graduating magna cum laude from Yale with their doctorates. It's just Kindergarten. Get a grip.

We've got teacher appreciation stuff -- which I thought that was LAST week, but I guess that's teachers in general. This week it's D's teacher in particular -- Assessment Reviews, "graduation day," a Kindergarten play, a picnic lunch, and then we break for Memorial Day weekend only to have to come back for two-and-a-half more days next week. Unproductive days (after all, they've already graduated!) because what exactly are they going to have them do? I'd rather have them out of school for good on Friday so that we can get on with our summer.

Anyway. Exciting times. I will be a mom to a first-grader. A first grader who just lost her first tooth. Here she is, sorta being shy.

It's funny how one tooth out can change the way a kid looks. If I look at her pictures from a last summer she still looks so young to me. Now? Not so much. I can definitely see the young lady she is becoming.

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