Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Full house

We are finally getting a chance to break our house in - both sets of grandparents are here for Grandparent's Day at D's school. My in-laws are actually staying all week so we'll see how we manage with two more people under the roof! So far, so good though and it's wonderful to have a place for people to sleep instead of having to have everyone schlep off to a hotel at the end of the day.

My mom was talking to D yesterday about where in the house she spends the most time (the playroom). For me it was the kitchen. For A it was wherever I am. But for Daddy, when asked where he spends the most time, she replied "work." Hmm. But it's true, at least during the week. He's here in the morning but rarely home for dinner and most of the time he gets in just before her bedtime. So I guess it seems like he's never here. I do wish he had time to eat dinner with us during the week -- everyone says how important family dinner time is -- but I just don't see it happening. And given how stressful dinner can be I can't say I blame him.

I am truly, truly blessed to have a husband who helps provide such a wonderful life for his family though. And, while the kids may not spend much time with him during the week, I get him all to myself!

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