Friday, September 14, 2007


For at least a week now, I had assumed I was leading the Kindergarten Daisy troop at D's school. I've got the paperwork going and had planned to send out an information letter on Monday. So I was a bit surprised when we all got an invitation to a Daisy Informational Meeting from another mom in the class today. Talk about operating in a vacuum, people. I had talked to the class moms, a bunch of other moms, the mom who was in charge of the Troop last year, basically all the moms in the class (there are only about a dozen girls) except for the Mom who sent the letter. (Who, in her defense, because I believe in a strong defense, has been on bed rest since the beginning of the year and so hasn't really been around.) So, if there are any other people out there who plan on starting a Daisy Troop for D's kindergarten class, please step forward now. You know who you are.

Anyway, at first I felt a little hurt. M was pissed that I had been usurped (even though for the past week he's been warning me that I was going to get overwhelmed with all the stuff I had to do). But as the evening wore on, I started to see it in a more positive light. After all, this other mom doesn't have a one year old wild child at home who can't walk unless he's clinging to my leg. Let her take care of the coordinating, organizing, paperwork. I'll handle the snacks. So I called her up and offered my help as assistant leader. So all's well that ends well and at least my information letter didn't go out on the same day as hers. Which would have been really confusing for everyone. As it is, it was only confusing for me, the mom who had volunteered to be my co-leader and the other nine moms from the class that I had talked to.

A is going to his first playgroup today. Happily, most of the other mom's from D's playgroup have had a second round of children, so we're going to continue meeting with this second generation. They are a wonderful bunch of friends & moms and all of the kids play great together. It'll be great to catch up with everyone since we didn't meet regularly as a group over the summer.

Have a great weekend!

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