Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Time management

Nothing like having a lot of time on your hands! Actually it's been sorta counter-productive for me because instead of being my usual organized, scheduled self, I've not really done anything all week. I should be taking advantage of the free time to get errands done, or chores, or go find some pants that fit, or even take a nap, but instead I've done things like the Lord of the Rings marathon. And read three magazines in one day. Today I made rum & raisin ice cream.

All that punctuated by the fact that we found out my grandfather passed away on Tuesday night (long illness, very expected) and with M away and everyone in Jamaica for the week, it was up to my brother and I to try to track mom & dad down and now he is dealing with the funeral home until everyone gets back on Saturday. So I didn't even really do anything with that, except talk to some relatives.

Tomorrow, though, I mean it, I will make it to the mall. I'm down to 1 pair of shorts and 1 pair of khakis that fit and if they get dirty I'll be wearing my pjs until I do laundry. Plus I'd like to get a cute little homecoming outfit for the baby. Not that we used D's -- I was so exhausted and frazzled when we left the hospital it's a miracle I was dressed, let alone the baby -- but I think I'll be a bit more "together" when BabyBoy is born. I think.

Fizzy is horribly suspicious that I've done something dastardly with the rest of the family. She wanders from room to room, peeks into D's bedroom, then comes over to stare at me. Poor doggy.

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