Monday, May 29, 2006

Sound of silence

It's hard not having anyone to take care of, besides yourself, that is. It's too quiet and I'm way off my routine/schedule. Except for walking the dog. I even sort of miss the constant low-level chit-chat in the background that is the sound of D playing legos, or coloring, or just playing in her room. I don't quite know what to do with myself!

Maybe it's just the horrendous discomfort of being 30 weeks pregnant. I went on a brief expedition for maternity clothes this morning only to come back empty handed and bummed about how ugly everything was. Stuff that I saw on my friends just a year ago that looked amazingly cute on them, look like crap on me. And can I tell you how much I hate this "under-belly," "mid-belly," belly band business?! I just can't deal with that band, it cuts me in all the wrong places. I'd love a huge loose pair of linen pants, but they're not to be found anywhere.

10 more weeks. Tonight is the start of my Lord of the Rings marathon. Whee.

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