Monday, February 01, 2010


Our 85+ year old galvanized steel piping? SHOT. Major leaks in at least three places that the plumber could find. Basically the whole system is being held together by our prayers and God's grace. And now clamps, lots of clamps. And the only access we have to any of those systems is through a 24" square wood trapdoor that leads under the house. It looks like the kind of a tunnel you'd use if you're escaping from prison. The plumber tried to get out of going down there (I don't blame him!) but Mr. J managed to convince him it was the only access point. Who knows how they are going to be able to get any pipes or whatnot through that little hole. I can sense that we'll be paying a premium.

I guess it could be worse, like if the leak had been u-p-s-t-a-i-r-s in the w-a-l-l-s.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, man, sorry to hear about the leak(s)! Hey, at least you have a crawl space under the house. Our leak (when we were in GA) was in the slab and so our options were 1) punch holes in the slab hunting for the leak, repair IF found. After 3 attempts, they would then go to option #2) reroute all the plumbing through the attic. We skipped right to option #2.

And lived in a hotel for 2 weeks because we had to shut the water off while we waited for them to have time to do it. They suggested turning the water off and then on when we needed it, but that resulted in dirt, leaves, and whatnot in the water coming out of the tap. I guess it was a pretty big leak.

IF there was/is actual damage to the house from the leak, your insurance MIGHT cover part of it. Ours did, because the water actually seeped up through the slab (once the ground under the house was completely saturated!) and into the house. Worth checking, anyway.