Monday, February 01, 2010

Pipe wrench anyone?

We woke up this morning to a plumbing problem. That is unless it is OK to hear the sound of rushing and dripping water from the stand-pipe in your laundry room. In which case we're about to drop a load of $$ for no reason. But methinks there is something afoot and I'm not happy 'bout it.

Am I paranoid or do these things always happen after a visit from my in-laws? A visit in which my FIL attempted to repair the downstairs toilet and also cut a metal pipe that previously extended from the house to the garage? (Granted, both projects were undertaken at our request, but now I'm notsosure that was a good idea. Although, the man does have some mad house skills... he built us a bathroom once, but I distinctly remember him hiring out the plumbing and electricity work.)

Anyhoo, plumbers here later this morning. There goes my free time. Which is a cryin' shame since I BUSTED my housework out yesterday after the ILs departed since I knew that would mean extra free time for me this morning, until the plumbing problem anyway, which means I really have NO free time, but whatever. I kind of liked cleaning on Sunday since Mr. J had to go into the office for an hour or four right after they left anyway (nice timing honey) so I had ample time to clean and do all laundry while the kids tried to stay warm and watched G-Force.

So now I have a nice clean shiny leaky house.

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