Thursday, March 05, 2009

And the winner is....

I never win anything except once I won this Pay-it-Forward. But, if this was a real thing, I would TOTALLY win a hot-buttered-toast eating contest. Unless my mom was entered too, in which case I'd probably come in second. I would also win a lamest-outfit-worn-to-morning-drop-off contest. I just can't pull myself together in the mornings what with all the kid-related tasks I've got to crank on in the 2 hours between alarm and pulling out of the driveway. Case in point: today's outfit featured ridiculously dark wash jeans from about 4 years ago, a white tee shirt and a cropped black sweater with my Merrell faux-Ugg clogs. Yay me! It is hard to believe that no one asks me when I got out of/am going back to rehab.

Maybe I'd feel better about stuff I didn't spend ALL my free time yesterday (the 90 minutes that A was napping the afternoon) trolling through the archives of a bunch of new bloggers I had stumbled upon. Some people are soooo funny!

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