Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Here's today's Public Service Announcement:

Top 10 Worst Foods of 2009

Except for Cold Stone (which I have maybe once a year) and Stabucks (where I always order as plain, lite and non-whip as I can) I don't eat any of these things. Yay! Go me! Maybe I have a fairly healthy diet after all? Or maybe it's just that mine is not quite that unhealthy.

In other news I DID make the NM Beauty Event yesterday. As my wise hubby pointed out, I'm going to have to buy this stuff at some point anyway... might as well get the freebies now. Smart man!

Did anyone watch and LOVE 24 last night? I still think it sounds like 10-year-olds might write part of the script, but even the ridiculous plot lines are fun. Just for the record, if you did watch, we had quite a debate about Jack opening the door for the terrorists at the end there.

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Anonymous said...

watch out for this one...
Baskin Robbins Oreo Cookies n' Cream MEDIUM shake is 1410 calories, 62g of fat and 195g of carbs! AND THAT IS THE MEDIUM!
- Bunky