Monday, April 02, 2007

Who's that girl?

Today I had to go to the Mall to return some stuff I bought in my Quest for An Easter Outfit. I also had to get some new shoes because all I have anymore are clogs and flip flops and one lonely pair of brown loafers. I have a really specific idea of how I'd like to look in my head, but unfortunately the clothes in the stores these days aren't what I'm looking for. I tried on about 50 blouses today (while BabyA wailed and whined and wiggled in his stroller) and not a single on looked like "me." "Me" is all about t-shirts and polo shirts and cotton sweaters and the occassional cashmere and, in the winter, turtlenecks. The blouses in the stores are all about rayon and nylon and wrap-styling and things so sheer they look like pantyhose and fitted things, or else blouse-y, peasant-y things. I can't even find a decent twin set.

It's very depressing. I wish that I were more like the girl in my head -- the one who's makeup is always perfect and who's hair is always brushed and neat and who has a closet full of outfits for every occassion. Sigh.

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Anonymous said...

what happened to the cute black skirt. Just wear a cream or white sleeveless top with it and throw on sandals and earrings. Easy cheesy! I think a shopping day is in order. See you this weekend! I am bringing yummy treats! Love, Bunky