Sunday, June 04, 2006


I was nesting last night. Washing and drying and folding little baby boy outfits and making myself really nostalgic for when D was a baby and almost every night that it was clean, I'd put her in my favorite little baby nightgown -- soft, soft white cotton with pale pink and blue flowers. She looked like an angel. Of course, almost every night I would have to strip it off of her by around the fourth feeding when her diaper would leak or I would have a leak while nursing or something like that. Anyway, i hope I have the same feeling for one of these little boy outfits -- soft, soft cotton but with trucks or bugs or puppies or fish instead of flowers.

Sometime this week I'll have to ask M to get the rest of our baby stuff down from the attic -- the bassinet, stroller, baby car seat, Diaper Genie, baby bathtub (I need to see if it can be re-used or if I'll have to replace it). Then, in a few months, the next cycle of baby equipment will begin and we'll be hauling out the play-yard, high chair, exersaucer. This time, though, since I know he's going to be our second and last child, I'll be happy to just give away everything as he grows out of it.

I am very worried about the cramped quarters we'll be enduring once the baby arrives. The baby will be sleeping in our room in the bassinet until he can sleep through the night in his crib in The Kids' room (what is now D's room). Fizzy will have to sleep in the living room, because there will be no place for her bed with the bassinet in our room. I worry about M having to sleep on the couch. I worry that between the new baby's stuff and D's stuff there will be NO ROOM anywhere in any closet or on any shelf ever again. I'm totally annoyed that we have been talking and talking and talking about re-modelling the house and it never goes anywhere. We even had a contractor come out and look at it about a month ago - he said that he'd get an estimate to us, but we haven't heard a word since. And now it's crunch time and I really don't want to deal with a newborn and remodelling at the same time. So do we wait some more? Almost more important than dealing with the house is the freakin' yard - something must be done. There's virtually no grass left, and with rainy season here, we're going to be dealing with a sea of mud and sand and weeds and crap every day. We need a fence and sod and some flower beds and I don't know who is going to take care of that.

Alright, enough crazy talk. Such minor worries when you look at the big picture. It's the hormones, right?

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