Saturday, June 17, 2006

Hot and bothered

We're back in town after a fun-filled week with my parents in Naples. D's cousin came over for a few days to play and spend the night at Grandma's and it was so much fun watching the kids together. My brother and I always comment how its weird and wonderful to watch them play - just like we used to when we were kids. We visited the awesome Naples Conservancy with the kids and had a great time in the animal rehab center and the Discovery center. D just loves getting hands-on with little critters. So NOT like her mommy.

Blistering hot here right now. Our house, feeling neglected for a week, decided to go on hiatus too. We came back to: the a/c not working, giant palmetto bug invasion, termite swarms, and about four other service-call related problems to deal with. Our lawn guy is totally AWOL and we look like we're living in a meadow. Not to mention that even after M and I have each vacuumed and mopped twice and the cleaners have been here once, there are STILL ashes all over the place. M even got down on hands and knees to hand clean the firebox and grate and still... what a mess.

I'm off to Mazzaro's this morning to get a Chocolate Decadence for M for Father's Day. Mazzaro's puts the "M" in "mmm, mmm, good."

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