Thursday, May 12, 2005

One week to go...

It's official! We're off to Kosovo in just one short week. The planning process for the trip is going well, but I'm looking forward to actually getting there. M. & I have been apart far too long. As far as packing, I swing from wanting to bring everything with us, from sippy cups to fruit snacks, to deciding we will rough it. M. has met some of the other families living there and the community sounds very close-knit and inclined to helping each other out.

Since M. is already there working he has had time to meet people, get our apartment set up and get the lay of the land. Today he discovered a real grocery store that he says is comparable Giant Eagle (big shout out to Pittsburgh!) That went a long way to relieving my fears that we would have trouble finding fresh food. Actually, I shouldn't worry at all as M. says that the food, particularly the salads, are very fresh and there's an abundance of feta on everything. Yummy!

I've spent a lot of time daydreaming about all the sidetrips we will (hopefully) get to take. Greece for sure. Hopefully Hungary, Prague and parts of Poland too. Very exciting. I hope D. remembers some of the fun and exciting things we will experience.

All will be fine if I can just stop shopping. I keep thinking of one more thing that we might need, 75 lb. weight limit per bag be damned! I have two rules for the remaining week: 1) get to bed by 11:00 pm, even if there's a episode of Law & Order: SVU on that I haven't seen and 2) stop browsing the Web for crazy, esoteric travel gadgets and gear.

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