Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Back to reality

Over our first weekend here, it was easy to forget that M is actually here to work. We're the ones on vacation (although Moms are never truly on vacation, are they?). His project is really hitting and there is a big meeting early next week so that means longer hours and a bit more stress for him. No matter, we're used to that! Dinner can keep in the oven just as easily here as in Florida.

Summer blew in suddenly yesterday and today is warmer and very windy. It really kicks up the infamous dust and pollution problem that everyone complains of. It's a shame; we can't open the windows to let in the fresh air or everything is quickly coated in a layer of grit. The dust here is very clay-y, red and sticks to everything. We walked down to where M works today to meet him for lunch and the road dust was terrible. D was miserable, had dirt in her hair and eyes, so we got a cab the rest of the way to the restaurant. It is much better up on our little hill, cooler and much less dirt, for which I'm thankful. Still, it's strange. There is a funny burning smell in the air today, which I'm told is the coal-powered electric plant (still unfiltered in 2005!) blowing our way. I think we'll stay inside until after dinner.

For dinner tonight, we are walking down to one of the many corner markets to try out the rotisserie chicken. It's the Kosovar version of a "to go" meal. You'll see these huge cases of grilling chickens rotating everywhere. Not sure where the chickens come from, but I'm pretending they're straight off the farms somewhere outside of town. They must get delivered and then stuck right on the rotisseries, because I've yet to see fresh chicken in the stores. I can see why obesity just isn't a problem here. You walk everywhere, the choking dust kills your appetite and there is very little processed food. We have found a few treats - English and German chocolates, these rice cereal "cookies" (don't get the idea they're like Oreos -- more like a lightly sweetened Wheat Thin) and Sesam Fischi - poppyseed and sesame goldfish crackers. D continues to be a trooper though. Today at lunch she happily chowed on grilled bread covered with caramlized onions and bits of spinach (she passed on the eggplant dip) washed down with a glass of peach juice. Not her typical fare!

She's napping now, which is good, because she'll be able to stay up a bit later to see M and maybe we'll play in the field behind the house after dinner. It's light until about 9 here, which is great. Last night there were probably 200 people out there - families walking to and fro, kids playing chase, teenagers hanging out, at least 3 soccer games and, of course, the grazing cows.

I just heard some thunder, so we may be in for some afternoon rain. Just like summer in Florida! At least it will keep the dust down.

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