Thursday, May 26, 2005

Greek getaway

We're heading out of here tomorrow morning for Greece. Our itinerary? First we take a taxi to the Macedonian border where the rental car company will meet us. Then it's a 3.5 - 4 hour trip to Thessaloniki. Reverse and repeat on Monday. We'll be staying at the Hyatt there - very American, but they could guarantee us a king-size bed plus a rollaway for D. Breakfast is included with the room and since every single person I've met here has mentioned how good the breakfast is, we just couldn't pass it up.

M is meeting with a VIP supreme court judge tonight, so our plans to go out to dinner are off. Ordinarily I'd just call Domino's... Looks like it's corn flakes and pudding for dinner again! We tried to heat up a roasted chicken last night, but since the oven's temperature gauge is in Celsius and there are no words for "bake" "broil" "roast", just very vague drawings of a box with different sides highlighted, the chicken was still stone cold after 45 minutes at 225 Celsius. Yuck. No idea what I did wrong. Perhaps the dial was only set to "oven light?"

It was sunny again today, but very cool and super windy. Good day for laundry, so I got caught up on that.

All for now. I won't have a chance to post over the weekend, so to all our family and friends back home, have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend. Save some BBQ for me.

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