Monday, June 07, 2010


School's not even out yet and the house already looks like it is. Flip flops piled by the door and misc. toys and library books and bits and pieces of the kids make-believe games everywhere. They were playing Ben 10 Alien Force all weekend. Anders stuffed about 25 teeny-tiny Star Wars guns, blasters and sabers into his snack bag. This morning while packing snacks, I dumped them on the couch 'cause I didn't want to send him to school with contraband weapons. I hope I got them all and that he doesn't whip out a Boba Fett blaster with his snack this morning.

I'm a good mom that way.

Despite the fact that both kids have blueberry cake for their snack today. I'm also out of snack/lunch mojo and will resort to whatever is on hand vs. what is good for you. Dagny has penne a la vodka for lunch. So, obvs, I won't send guns with my son, however I've no problem sending alcohol-laced pasta with my girl. Both kids love, love, love, pink-puffy-heart adore penne a la vodka. Good enough for me!

Road trips, sleeping-in (sorta), and relaxation ahead!

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