Monday, June 22, 2009


My wonderful iMac is showing its age. We've been having troubles turning it on and it will just randomly power off. And then you can't turn it on. It's like computer E.D. So we're taking it in to Apple this afternoon and hopefully they'll say it's really a minor $50 fix and I can get it back tomorrow and not a major $500 repair and it's really not worth it on such an old machine and how about going home with a nice shiny Airbook tonight?

Cause we just spent beaucoup bucks installing a brand-new sprinkler system and sodding the backyard. And I love my iMac.

See ya.


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lisagh said...

My iMac started to die last year... the monitor went kaput (it's the pod model, so it's all connected). I was able to get a peripheral monitor and so far (fingers crossed) we're still in good shape. I love my computer too, so I feel your angst!