Friday, June 19, 2009


I was swimming at my sister's pool yesterday. It was much needed because before we even got there we were unbelievably hot and sweaty from doing nothing more than watering some potted plants and having lunch. It's too hot to breathe right now.

While we were getting ready to go to the pool, my sis shared with me one of her homemade treats (she's an excellent baker and cook!): a homemade marshmallow. A marshmallow which has forever altered my perception of marshmallows, and perhaps the known universe. Boring? Plain? Spongy? Sticky? NOT! It was none of those things, but instead so fluffy, lightly sweet and utterly addictive that I've been thinking about them ever since. Mine was actually half-dipped in bittersweet chocolate and it BLEW away any of those artisanal marshmallows they hawk at Williams-Sonoma. You know the ones that are about $1 a piece? Right. Never again! I am sorely tempted to make them, except it is just way too humid in the house right now. I'm afraid they'd never set up. My sis managed it because her place is much smaller and easier to control the temperature. But in the fall... when the weather is crisp and the kids are clamoring for hot cocoa every morning.... mmmm. Can't wait.


Debbie said...

Thanks, T! I think I'll make some more soon to share with your clan. I know that you passed on your marshmallow love to Dags. Do you remember teaching me and Jen when we were kids to stretch marshmallows with our fingers until they were a complete sticky mess?

Anonymous said...

I loved those marshmallows! Shane and I made s'mores the other night and OMG they were the best dessert ever! I can never ever go back and buy marshmallows, nor will I ever settle for eating any of the plastic stuff they sell at Easter and try to pass off as marshmallows. I am even tempted to buy a KitchenAid just so I can try to make these marshmallows but I think I will settle on just asking Debbie to make them for me!

Anonymous said...

Oh yum. I love marshmallows. Any kind at all. Today, I made cajeta. We are swimming in milk and I thought that would be a fun way to use some of it. It is SOOOO yummy. I'm thinking it would be just awesome on top of some apple pie a la mode.