Monday, June 16, 2008

What did he say?!

When D was learning to talk, her word for elephant sounded a bit like she was saying "f**kint" and going to the zoo was an exercise in avoiding other people around the Wild Africa display for fear that the general public would hear her exclaiming in delight "f**kint!!" when she saw the majestic beasts. After a few months of extreme embarrassment, including one incident in the Library's kids' section, she grew out of it and it's become an amusing family (adults only!) anecdote and we're all over our elephant-avoidance phobias. Until this weekend. When we found out that A's words for both Fruit and Fork sound exactly like "f**k." How exciting! I can't wait until the next time we're in the produce aisle. It was easier to avoid elephants.


Anonymous said...

Maybe work really hard on teaching him the names for individual fruits? What could he do with banana? :o)


Debbie said...

Remember what D called the little brown spots on skin? F**kles!