Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Summer vacation - day 4

So today is our first real day of summer vacation not consumed with heat, a/c repairmen, appointments, meetings or radioactive isotope thyroid scans. Wheee!

Of course, M is out of town. He had to drive to the Other Coast of Florida for a deposition (taking one, not giving) and he has to go back again of Friday. Which means two days this week of essentially being alone with the kids. Which means... BAKING! I'm making Fruited No-Knead Bread by combining two or three recipes I found on the internet. Yum. Of course the long rise means that I probably won't be baking it off until Friday, but no matter we'll have it for the weekend.

I'll use the next few days to recognize opportunities to be a patient mom and try to stay engaged with the kids. This is the hardest part of parenting for me. I can always think up other stuff I should or could be doing. I've been toying with the idea of turning the computer off during the day to reduce the temptation to send some "quick" emails, or surf my fave bloggers for just a "few minutes" or play a "quick" game of Scrabulous. But the notion leaves me feeling seriously disconnected and then I'd be wanting to do all the above in the evening when I should be spending time with M. And it's not like I have an internet addiction (OK, maybe a wee bit with Scrabulous - but I know that's a passing fancy and I'll get bored trying to break 700 every game.) but it is a convenient way to grab some quick quiet time.

Oh well. Time to go play!

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