Saturday, March 25, 2006


Big news! We've been hesitant to broadcast it, but we're pregnant again! I'm officially 21 weeks (yay! past the half-way mark) and out of the most dangerous time for miscarriage, so I'm finally feeling comfortable talking about it. The most exciting part is that it's a BOY! Oh boy! I'm so used to girls and girly things and girlishness. This is going to be a huge, but welcome, change for the family. I'm very excited about having a little guy around - maybe with blond curly hair and my brown eyes?

So far, this pregnancy is going very well. I've been eating everything and had only very mild morning sickness. Maybe it's the difference between carrying boys and girls, but it's mostly healthy stuff I crave and I've developed almost an addiction to garlic. I will eat it raw. I smear it on toast. M had some stomach aches at first, because he'd gotten used to my not using it at all for the last 4 years and suddenly it's in everything but the oatmeal.

The due date is August 5, so another long hot pregnant summer to get through. But for now, we're enjoying the beautiful cool spring weather and getting outside all we can. Among the summer "indoor" projects that I've got planned is taking my blog entries from our stay in Kosovo last summer and printing them into some type of book or scrapbook or something. We've got tons of great picures to add, and I think it will be a great keepsake for our family.

D's fourth birthday is just around the corner too and it's amazing and wonderful to watch her change from a pre-schooler to a full-fledged "big girl." I love it.

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Anonymous said...

We went to Lake Ohrid for Easter weekend. Lots of people were there and we ran into Eric several times. I was so pleased about your pregnancy! And not so pleased about the other news. So what is on the agenda for you guys?
I'm going home tomorrow for a month and when I come back, our youngest Pat, is coming with me. He is studying in Nimes, France this summer. So we will drive him over there, and on the way back tour Italy. Then when the classes are over, we are picking him up and he will be in Pristina for about 3 weeks. With trips to Greece and Macedonia of course. Since his new major is classical studies (ugh) oh and he is still majoring in math. See what you have to look forward to....
write, Sharon