Monday, January 09, 2006

Happy New Year!

I almost passed out when I realized it's been almost two months since my last post. I wish I had all kinds of good excuses involving exotic travel or top-secret missions, but really it just boils down to laziness, mixed with holiday-rushing-around-ness with a dash of kid-related craziness. It seems like every time that I did get around to writing I'd end up with D at one elbow and the dog at the other both of them staring at me like I never, ever spend any time with them at all. Well, maybe the dog has an excuse but certainly not the Kid.

Anyway. To summarize. Thanksgiving=Georgia with my sister-in-law's family. Christmas=North Carolina with my in-laws. New Year's=Us in a car returning from NC. Santa was great, D was a doll, we're back to school. The end.

NC was super, D & I had our first White Christmas, which just seemed so much more Christmas-y than the usual green Florida Christmas, where you're wearing shorts to Christmas breakfast and by the time the family gathers for dinner the a/c has kicked on. Something to be said for Jack Frost nipping at your nose after all.

Since we had snow, M was able to ski (no broken bones, whew!) and D went snow-tubing. Snow-tubing looks utterly dangerous, but really all that happens is your kid ends up soaking wet and frozen after a few hours of gliding down the slope. And this is just at the "bunny" slope for pre-schoolers or chicken-hearted older kids. She loved it though, as did Grandpa, who handled the push off duties, and M, who handled towing her back to the top of the slope at the end of each run. I was in charge of taking pictures, stamping my feet, and yelling "Put your hood up!" every 2 minutes. Despite my (groundless) fears of broken bones, both of them really enjoyed their winter adventures. One night at bedtime, D said to me "Mommy, am I a sespert?" Finally I puzzled out that she was saying "expert," as in expert tuber. She had overheard M's tales of going down the Black Diamond slope and my saying that was only for experts. Or the young. All my worrying for nothing though as everyone was just fine. I should remember that the next time I start to work myself up about things. Ooohhh...a resolution? Nah.

Anyway, yes I have missed writing here a lot and I'm glad my little blog hasn't disappeared into the ether. I promise I'll be back soon.

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