Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hurrah for Spring!!

S P R I N G!!

When I was younger, I loved wintery clothes - heavy sweaters, wool skirts, jeans, my perfect black coat, boots, and especially turtlenecks. But these days my wiser grownup 2012 self scoffs at my 1992 self dressed in a kilt and tights in Florida. What was I thinking?! Although I still like chilly winter weather, my wardrobe is almost 100% polar fleece with the occasional Land's End Canvas Heritage cardigan thrown in. So much more suited to the mild Florida winters.

I'm also making an effort to wear more color, but that kind of change comes slower.

Here are some things I'm loving this Spring:


Country club pool opens 4/1 and we can't wait! (That's a LEC red cardi and khaki capris w/ flip flops. Doesn't it just scream "Florida-mom-in-winter?" Ignore my lack of hair style, this was after a long, long day at Disney.)

British Breakfast tea

I still need a cup of joe to get moving in the morning, but this stuff is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

Method Lime & Sea Salt dish soap

Smells like a beach vacation. I got mine at Target, and I had to buy up a bunch since it's one of their limited edition scents.

One of the many "opoly" versions out there and our new fave family game. It's actually the first opoly-style game we've played. The first time we played I only taught them the basic rules, figuring I could help them with strategy over time. I thought they were too young to understand the concept of buying properties and collecting rents. Boy was I wrong. Anders is a natural risk-taking mogul, buying up everything from the get-go with the sole intent of putting barns on everything (barn = hotel) and raking in the huge rents. Watch out Donald Trump!! Dagny is a totally emotional investor refusing to buy a property if she doesn't like the way the name of a property sounds or how the picture looks. When I told Anders to watch his cash and maybe not buy a barn just yet, he gave me a look like "what kind of strategy is THAT?" and ignored me. The next round of the board he collected $800 in rent from Dagny & I. Thank goodness I can still beat them at Scrabble (for now).
Dove Coconut Creme eggs. Get 'em while you can. Yum.

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