Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just for Janis!!

Soooo what in the world have we been up to? I can't believe it has been months, ages, since I last posted a real update. To tell the truth, blogs require a lot of hard work to keep them current and I just ran out of time & energy to keep it going every day. Add to that my love of Facebook - instant updates yay! - and my poor ol' blog just fell off the radar. BUT I sure don't mind posting an update for my dear, Facebook-challenged friend, Janis.

So, since we last chatted....

The Mr. has opened his own law firm and is doing really well. He loves working for himself and keeping his own hours, etc. Big change from Big Law Firm life, but all for the better.

We took a wonderful road trip to Kansas to see my BIL & SIL and family on their 40-acre working dairy goat farm.

Matt milking

Dags tractoring

Anders fishing

I love chickens

We had pit stops in Atlanta & St. Louis on the way out there and, on the way home, Chattanooga (planned) and Dalton, GA (unplanned, due to a slight car accident) on the way home.

Dagny at the Arch


Rock City, Chattanooga
Ruby Falls, Chattanooga

Last November we trekked to Waynesville, NC to visit Matt's mom & dad. We loved having Thanksgiving there so much we're going back this year! The kids were hoping that there'd be enough snow to ski at the little resort there, but sadly there won't. On the upside, it also won't be freezing cold, so that's nice.

Playing in the leaves (we don't get to do that down here)

We spent Christmas with my parents in Naples, which was wonderful as always.

After a quick Christmas break, we were back at school. We celebrated Easter at our house here in St. Pete and the whole family (except for Matt's bro in Kansas) was able to come for the first time in years. It was wonderful having everyone here, esp. my Dad (cancer survivor) and Matt's dad (quad bypass survivor). Loved it.

Last spring, Anders played t-ball for the first time. So cute! It was my first time going to a sport with one of the kids, and it was so much fun to sit in the stands and cheer for the team.


This past summer, we started off with a long weekend "camping" at Blue Springs for Father's Day. (Yes, we "camped" in a cabin. It was wonderful. It had a/c. And a private bathroom.) Then we spent a week in St. Augustine, Matt had to work but the kids and I explored the Oldest City in America and the amazing Castillo de San Marcos. Really fun vacation!

Blue Springs

Yeah, that's our cabin.

Yeah, it's fully furnished. It's still camping if there's no TV.

The rest of the summer was verrrry laid back. Except for a quick scoot to Naples we mostly hung out right here in town, played with friends and went swimming. A lot.

Fourth of July at the St. Pete pier

Fall started off with Dagny in 4th grade (yikes) and Anders in Kindergarten (wha...?!) They are both at the parochial school right here in our neighborhood, and we just love it.

First day of school

Poor Fize is definitely showing all 13-1/2 years of her age. She has developed severe joint problems and is on quite the regimen of pills just to keep going during the day. Luckily she has a very attentive nurse. We're thankful for every day she's still with us.

Good ol' dog

For Halloween Dagny was a fruit bat and Anders was Spiderman but you'll just have to imagine the pics for now because the Mr. still has them on his camera and I don't know how to download from it. (Talk about technically challenged!)

As always with the school year, most of our time is now spent doing Homework and me volunteering at school like it's my day job. BUSY. Hopefully as we get more organized in the Spring the kids will do some sports - they both want to do Karate and swim team, so that will be interesting.

So, that brings us up to date! I can't believe 2011 is almost over! Bring on the new year!


Anonymous said...

You're back.....thanks, I love your blog. Love to see the Johnson update in print. mama

Muffy said...

What great photos!!!! Happy 2012 to you!