Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ode to a J Crew t-shirt

O! Sweet t-shirt!
We've weathered many storms.
You've warmed me when chilly
And cooled me when warm.

I've worn you with shorts,
Khakis, skirts and jeans.
You could dress up, dress down
And everything in between.

We've been together for many years
And even through pregnancy.
I wore you two (or three!) times a week
You were my cup of "green tee."

True, you've faded, gotten stained
You've rolled in water, mud and sand.
But what finally did you in?
The goo on my son's hand!

No mere goop, that goo.
Twas not any substance I could name.
It defied Tide, OxyClean and Shout
So we've had to call the game.

So now you are retired
And I remember fondly all that was...
No rag pile for you, my sweet!
You're now my pajamas!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

I believe I was probably around for the purchase of that t-shirt--ordered while drunk, sitting on the floor of the sorority house room, making lists from LLbean and JCrew, thinking you had money to spend when you really didn't...Oh the memories!

Just had a few mintues and thought I would check up on you. Hope all is well. Call me sometime.